#1 – Understand how your Space Functions!

We’re here! The #1 reason WHY YOU NEED TO JOIN US IN CLASS! And FUNCTION trumps them all!  I know that sounds a little boring – but it’s actually a lot of fun!  Our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES starting 9th of May are going to prove it and…


Interior Design Class Reason #1 VTWonen

Catering to everyone!  (Image Source:  VTwonen)

 “This takes time and you know your home and family better than anyone!  “

This is one of my favourite stages in design – taking a step back and watching how a room FUNCTIONS.  Design is about far more than just your personal style or the latest trends. Great design is about making the users of the space HAPPY & INSPIRED!  For example, a living space can serve an amazing diversity of functions –

  • kids playroom zone,
  • mum’s office zone,
  • pet’s snoozing zone,
  • dad’s bring my work home zone,
  • artist’s studio,
  • hang my coat and take off my shoes zone,
  • reading nook in the sun zone … and the list goes on.

In both of our Courses PART1 – “DESIGN LIKE A PRO” and PART 2 – “STYLE LIKE A DIVA”, we’ll be selecting a room and analysing how the space works for all members of the family.  This takes time and you know your home and family better than anyone!  

By the end of the Course you’ll have created a design for your room that caters to everyone … including the dog!


Learn all about our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES right here.



#2 – Tell your Design Story!

Our homes are an extension of who we are.

It was a toss up between which would be #1, and #2 is a very close contender in the TOP 10 of REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO BE JOINING US IN CLASS.  Our homes truly are an extension of ourselves and at our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES in May we’re going to show you how to TELL YOUR DESIGN STORY!


Classes #2 iheartnaptime.pngYour personal story (Image Source:  iheartnaptime.net)

When we welcome people into our homes we are welcoming them into our lives and they are getting a glimpse of who we are as people – especially the individual making most of the design choices for the home.

Now before we start dressing up our homes to look like the latest style trend – the Hamptons, Scandinavian, Mid-Century, French Provincial – we need to develop our own PERSONAL DESIGN STORY.  So don’t open the design mags or jump on HOUZZ just yet. Take a moment to get personal… real personal.  You’ll be amazed at what you find.


Start with these questions to get you going on your personal design journey…

  1. What is your personal story?  Look back on your life and consider what’s really important to you that may have influenced your personal style.  Find old photos that capture special memories or find pics in magazines that convey your ideas.  Jot down key words.
  2. Go on a tour of your favourite local places – shops, cafes, galleries – and take along a notebook to capture your thoughts while you snap pics along the way.
  3. What are your keepsake treasures – from your travels, holidays, events, books you’ve read – what appeals to you that’s timeless and will always have a place in your heart. Take pics of the big items and gather together the small.
  4. Cut out images when you fall in love with the colour palettes.

Now bring these images and objects together to create a collage, snap a pic, and write a paragraph or two that sums up you as a person and your personal style.  This will be your foundation as you now begin to look at different design styles, and yes jump on HOUZZ!  But remember…


We’ll show you how at our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES so click here!  Linda

#3 – Great Design Takes Time!

We’re at #3 in our TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO JOIN US IN CLASS – and it’s all about taking your time.  GREAT DESIGN IS A SLOW PROCESS and it’s all about getting to know your space and your style. In PART 1 – “DESIGN LIKE A PRO! we’ll learn how to analyse a room and in PART 2 – “STYLE LIKE A DIVA” we’ll learn how to develop a STYLE ALL OF YOUR OWN!



Take your time. (Image Source:  George Marks)


After each class you’ll be taking home the principles you’ve learned and trying new things out…

  • analysing a room for circulation, function and natural light
  • identifying the good and bad elements of a space
  • understanding the function of a room
  • trying different furniture layouts with tape on the floor
  • testing colour samples on the walls and testing the effects of natural light
  • playing with a variety of fabrics and patterns
  • trying out different styling techniques as you craft the perfect vignette

It’s all about EXPERIMENTATION and finding out what works for you and your family, your personal style, and the big question – CAN I LOOK AT THIS, LIVE WITH THIS EVERY DAY FOR A LOOONG TIME  (just how long depends upon the scale & cost of your improvements).

So before you jump in and paint your living room walls a lively shade of Chartreuse green, take your time, experiment and ask yourself on DAY 30 – “do I still love this as much as I did on DAY 1?”


#4 – Let there be Light!

We’re getting closer to #1 as we count down the TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO JOIN US IN CLASS.  #4 is all about setting the mood with LIGHTING and you’ll learn the principles and some out of the box lighting solutions at our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES starting 9th of May.


“Good lighting is like a layer of magic dust sprinkled over everything.”

Kelly Hoppen

Lighting can make or break a space.  It determines how we read colour.  Light and colour are inextricably linked.  The colour of an object is based upon how it reflects light.

In the past, your typical home had one incandescent globe in the middle of the ceiling to perform the basic function of lighting up a space just enough for us to avoid head on collisions.  Nothing more.

Today, we realise that lighting performs many functions – yes general lighting but also…

  • task lighting
  • accent lighting
  • feature lighting
  • mood lighting.

We have downlights for spot lighting, feature pendants over dining tables and island counters, task lighting over kitchen benches, lamps in cosy corners for reading and concealed lighting for halo effects.

You have the wonderful benefit of living in your home during both day and night hours and you get to experience how natural light from outdoors flows through your home, where are the dark spots in a room that would benefit from a table lamp and where do you perform the key functions that need some additional light shed with task lighting.

Homes function 24 hours and you are the only one who knows your home so intimately. Get to know your home – every little nook and cranny.  Linda


#5 – Work with the home you have!

No matter your preferred style, you need to work with the home you have. We’re on the home stretch to #1 of the TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO JOIN US IN CLASS. #5 adds some reality and brings us back to earth a lil’, but believe me – it’s worth it!  Join us at INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES starting 9th of May, and we’ll help you get to know your home better.

Class 5 - The Bones.png
A home is framed by vertical and horizontal elements.

Your home is basically a box. This box is held up by a series of architectural elements – window and door frames, columns, wall panelling, exposed roof beams.  These elements frame the interior spaces and are part of the interior palette. Often they are an expression of the architectural style of the home. The impressive Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen is famous for applying what she calls the “GRID” throughout her interiors.

Class 5 - Contrast.png
There’s always a time to break the rules and create a focal point!

A home with dark door and window frames has a completely different feel to a home with white framing as you can see from the two feature images. All white timber furniture will never look right surrounded by dark architectural framing, nor vice versa. UNLESS… you want to create a focal point and A LITTLE CONTRAST ALWAYS WORKS MAGIC!

To create seamless spaces that blur the line between exterior and interior, repeat architectural elements in the proportions, colours and materials of your furniture and cabinetry.

So join us in INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES and learn how to make your home sing!  Linda

# 6 – Art is Inspiration!

We often overlook this critical element in any space – and yet it has the potential to inspire everything – yes – ART!

As we make our way down the TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO JOIN US IN CLASS, #6 is all about CHOOSING ART THAT SPEAKS TO YOUR SOUL. In our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES we’ll be learning how to use art as our HERO pieces and to inspire COLOUR PALETTES.


Art is great inspiration for your home’s colour palette!

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Pablo Picasso

Just like beauty… what you decide is great art really is in the eye of the beholder.  ART IS INSPIRATIONAL AND ASPIRATIONAL  and speaks to our very souls.  Our preferences in art tell the world so much about ourselves – SO MAKE SURE WHAT YOU CHOOSE FOR YOUR HOME TELLS YOUR STORY!

We can use art in several ways throughout our home, let’s start with INSPIRATION FOR A COLOUR PALETTE.

COLOUR THEORY can get quite complex and a little like being back in science class.  By selecting a piece of art that you love it’s doing alot of the work for you.  Based on the rule of 70,20,10 – you can identify your main body colour and pick out a few accents.  The Dining Room image above illustrates how the soft pastels in the artwork can be carried through onto the walls, using lavendar as the main body colour, and accents in the chairs and floor rug – turqoise and light blue.  Basically – an Analogous colour scheme. Beautiful!

Or ART can be the stand alone “HERO” piece.

We can also use art as the “HERO” piece, the focal point of a room.  These pieces stand alone and are intended to grab the attention – not blend in. As pictured in this Dining Room, the interior decor is largely white making the primary red stand out further.  The minor colour accents in the room are selected to work with and frame the focal point.

When selecting your artwork, it doesn’t need to cost alot of $$$.  What’s important is that you LOVE IT!  And don’t leave it till last and select art that “matches” your home – find these personal treasures early and use them as inspiration.

So join us in class soon and learn how to make art the inspiration for your home! Buy your tickets right here!

See you soon! Linda

#8 – Avoid Split Personalities!

In our TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO BE JOINING US IN CLASS we’ve reached #8 – AVOID SPLIT PERSONALITIES. At our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES we’ll be teaching you how to maintain a consistent style and story throughout your home.


Spaces should flow (Image Source: French by Design Blog)

“Your home needs an overarching DESIGN STORY – THE CENTRAL PLOT…”

In PART 1-  “DESIGN LIKE A PRO” you’ll learn how to select a consistent palette of materials that flows throughout your home and connects all spaces.  In PART 2 – “STYLE LIKE A DIVA” you’ll learn how to achieve flow through your style – expressed in artwork, furniture, textiles and colour. You’ll learn how to create a Mood Board for every room in your home – as every room has a different function and purpose.  But be careful – DON’T CREATE TOO MANY PERSONALITIES.

Your home needs an overarching DESIGN STORY – THE CENTRAL PLOT, from which each room varies slightly with it’s own character and feel, but all are connected with common threads.

A colour scheme can tie a house together expressed in a variety of finishes and materials (see the image above) and the choice of flooring can be very effective in tying rooms together so one space flows to the next.

When you’re designing multiple rooms in your home, create your Mood Boards first and then lay them out next to each other.  Make sure they read together as ONE STRONG DESIGN STORY BUT WITH LAYERS OF DIVERSITY.

DON’T MISS OUT! Tickets are on sale right here.  Linda 🙂

#9 – Plan Ahead and Save $$

As we count down our TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO BE JOINING US IN CLASS this May, we come to #9 – PLAN AHEAD AND SAVE $$ – and plenty of them!


“…each decision will affect the others and none should be made in isolation.”

In our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES we’ll be talking plenty about PLANNING WITH THE END IN MIND! There’s two ways we can plan ahead and save – 1. ESTABLISH A BUDGET EARLY ON AND STICK TO IT, and 2. MAKE EVERY DECISION IN CONTEXT!

I have many clients who come to me stressed out exhausted because their builder is bombarding them with questions and they’re making decisions on the run.

  • What floor tile are you using?
  • What finish are your cabinets going to be?
  • What colour are your cabinets going to be?
  • What type of stone do you want for your benchtop?

The questions never end and the builder wants your answers now!

The scary thing is each decision will affect the others and none should be made in isolation.  You need a BIG PICTURE … but you really needed it before you started the project.

So first things first… we’re going to teach you about BUDGETING AHEAD and getting a good understanding of what level of finish you can expect for your home based on that budget. Secondly, you’ll learn how to create that BIG PICTURE DESIGN CONCEPT so that when your builder asks the tough questions – YOU’RE READY!

Sign up for our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES here or follow this link www.placecrafting.com.au/design-classes.html– you’ll be so glad you did!

Hope to see you in May, Linda 🙂


PLACE CRAFT will once again be teaching INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES in Guildford starting 9th of May and tickets are on sale NOW!  Learn more right here.

While you’re pondering whether you can afford the time and $$, and I can assure you both will be well spent, I’ll start counting down the  TOP 10 REASONS why you need to be at the design table with us. So get ready!


I’m kicking off with #10 – THE GOLDEN RULES! These are the fundamentals that will guide you in the planning, design and styling of your home. They are fail safe and once you learn them, you’ll never look at your home the same again!

Classes #10 Jennifer Robin Interiors.png
Design principles at work (Image Source:  Jennifer Robin Interiors)

“Use these DESIGN FUNDAMENTALS throughout your home and every space will make you smile…”


We’ve already touched on this – your home needs to flow. Pick a colour and materials palette for your home with three or four key colours and textures, and then vary these only slightly as you move through your home. There should be one main story for your home.


Balance refers to the “weight” of a room and can occur either through the horizontal or vertical dimensions of a room. HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL ELEMENTS SHOULD BALANCE EACH OTHER OUT. If you have very tall ceilings, balance this out with using lower height furniture. A low ceiling? Use vertical proportions for your art and floor lamps. The feature image demonstrates the perfect balance between a double height vertical space and the long horizontal island counter. Perfect!


While your overall palette and choice of materials and furniture provides a consistent “backdrop” for your room, YOU NEED ELEMENTS OF CONTRAST TO AVOID THE ROOM BECOMING BLAH. Black or dark blue are always good colours to add depth to a neutral palette and create a strong base. Use these in repetition through the room to provide visual interest.


Every room needs a WOW factor. Whether it’s a grand view through full height glazing to a wonderful garden beyond, an overscaled piece of artwork hanging over the fireplace, or a colouful hero fabric upholstered armchair – these are your hero elements and against a neutral backdrop THEY MAKE THE ROOM SING!


Use these DESIGN FUNDAMENTALS throughout your home and every space will make you smile – which is the most important achievement of all!  Linda


Why Settle for Blah?

I was out with a client yesterday for a home renovations job. These are some of the most exciting projects – starting with the dark and forlorn and imagining the beautiful possibilities. Class starts in 3 weeks (woohoo!) and in Part 1 – DESIGN LIKE A PRO we’ll be learning how to make the most out of your renovations. Psst – Stay tuned tonight – I start counting down the TOP 10 reasons WHY YOU MUST JOIN US IN CLASS!

So I’ve featured my TOP 5 BEFORE & AFTER renovations I found online. Take a fresh look at your home and IMAGINE WHAT COULD BE!

#5 RETRO KITCHEN – (Pic – Inside Out Magazine)

#5 – Retro Makeover – great demonstration of how you can only have so many “heroes” in one room! Where do you look first? This remodel kept the retro wallpaper, and by streamlining and whiting out the cabinetry and adjacent wall, made it the focal point of the room.

#4 – COUNTRY KITCHEN MAKEOVER (Pic – Apartment Therapy)

#4 – Country Kitchen Makeover – Look what a fresh coat of white paint can do – on both cabinetry and brick face walls? This dark &and tired country style kitchen has been completely transformed into a light and bright space, and the butchers block and timber floor provide some country contrast.

#3 – Shabby Chic Makeover (Pic – Country Living)

#3 Shabby Chick Makeover – This makeover reverses the contrast, and keeps the rich dark timber on the floor and benchtops and lightens the room up by painting the existing cupboards white.  This has an amazing effect of increasing the perceived room height. Less is often more and a little contrast can look so very smart!

#2 – Coastal Kitchen Makeover (Pic – Better Homes & Garden)

#2 – Coastal Kitchen Makeover – Timber kitchens can make a space so dark, and while cosy they close a space in. Another fresh coat of white paint, white subway splashback tiles, and a blue accent on the focal point island counter makes the entire space worthy of a coastal setting.

#1 – French Provincial Kitchen Makeover (Pic – Better Homes & Gardens)


#1 – French Provincial Kitchen Makeover – This existing kitchen wasn’t an eyesore, but it was nothing to write home about. They’ve reversed the colour scheme and added some real depth to the space with warm grey cupboards and glossy splashback tiled walls. All up to the ceiling lifting the perceived ceiling height. The subway tiles, timber floor and shadowlines on the cabinetry (emphasised by the darker grey paint) add so much texture and sophistication.

So if this gets your RENOVATION JUICES flowing, then join me in Class in March! Sign up right here or follow this link… www.placecrafting.com.au/design-classes.html

Linda 🙂