#9 – Plan Ahead and Save $$

As we count down our TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO BE JOINING US IN CLASS this May, we come to #9 – PLAN AHEAD AND SAVE $$ – and plenty of them!


“…each decision will affect the others and none should be made in isolation.”

In our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES we’ll be talking plenty about PLANNING WITH THE END IN MIND! There’s two ways we can plan ahead and save – 1. ESTABLISH A BUDGET EARLY ON AND STICK TO IT, and 2. MAKE EVERY DECISION IN CONTEXT!

I have many clients who come to me stressed out exhausted because their builder is bombarding them with questions and they’re making decisions on the run.

  • What floor tile are you using?
  • What finish are your cabinets going to be?
  • What colour are your cabinets going to be?
  • What type of stone do you want for your benchtop?

The questions never end and the builder wants your answers now!

The scary thing is each decision will affect the others and none should be made in isolation.  You need a BIG PICTURE … but you really needed it before you started the project.

So first things first… we’re going to teach you about BUDGETING AHEAD and getting a good understanding of what level of finish you can expect for your home based on that budget. Secondly, you’ll learn how to create that BIG PICTURE DESIGN CONCEPT so that when your builder asks the tough questions – YOU’RE READY!

Sign up for our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES here or follow this link www.placecrafting.com.au/design-classes.html– you’ll be so glad you did!

Hope to see you in May, Linda 🙂