Why Settle for Blah?

I was out with a client yesterday for a home renovations job. These are some of the most exciting projects – starting with the dark and forlorn and imagining the beautiful possibilities. Class starts in 3 weeks (woohoo!) and in Part 1 – DESIGN LIKE A PRO we’ll be learning how to make the most out of your renovations. Psst – Stay tuned tonight – I start counting down the TOP 10 reasons WHY YOU MUST JOIN US IN CLASS!

So I’ve featured my TOP 5 BEFORE & AFTER renovations I found online. Take a fresh look at your home and IMAGINE WHAT COULD BE!

#5 RETRO KITCHEN – (Pic – Inside Out Magazine)

#5 – Retro Makeover – great demonstration of how you can only have so many “heroes” in one room! Where do you look first? This remodel kept the retro wallpaper, and by streamlining and whiting out the cabinetry and adjacent wall, made it the focal point of the room.

#4 – COUNTRY KITCHEN MAKEOVER (Pic – Apartment Therapy)

#4 – Country Kitchen Makeover – Look what a fresh coat of white paint can do – on both cabinetry and brick face walls? This dark &and tired country style kitchen has been completely transformed into a light and bright space, and the butchers block and timber floor provide some country contrast.

#3 – Shabby Chic Makeover (Pic – Country Living)

#3 Shabby Chick Makeover – This makeover reverses the contrast, and keeps the rich dark timber on the floor and benchtops and lightens the room up by painting the existing cupboards white.  This has an amazing effect of increasing the perceived room height. Less is often more and a little contrast can look so very smart!

#2 – Coastal Kitchen Makeover (Pic – Better Homes & Garden)

#2 – Coastal Kitchen Makeover – Timber kitchens can make a space so dark, and while cosy they close a space in. Another fresh coat of white paint, white subway splashback tiles, and a blue accent on the focal point island counter makes the entire space worthy of a coastal setting.

#1 – French Provincial Kitchen Makeover (Pic – Better Homes & Gardens)


#1 – French Provincial Kitchen Makeover – This existing kitchen wasn’t an eyesore, but it was nothing to write home about. They’ve reversed the colour scheme and added some real depth to the space with warm grey cupboards and glossy splashback tiled walls. All up to the ceiling lifting the perceived ceiling height. The subway tiles, timber floor and shadowlines on the cabinetry (emphasised by the darker grey paint) add so much texture and sophistication.

So if this gets your RENOVATION JUICES flowing, then join me in Class in March! Sign up right here or follow this link… www.placecrafting.com.au/design-classes.html

Linda 🙂

Collect Your Thoughts First!

Last time I wrote, we were gearing up for INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES. Then we postponed – too close to kids going back to school – but now we’re back on track! PART 1 – DESIGN LIKE A PRO starts February 28th with PART 2 – STYLE LIKE A DIVA starting 3 weeks later. Grab your tickets right here at www.placecrafting.com.au/design-classes.html

So today I want to talk to you about COLLECTING YOUR THOUGHTS. I can’t stress enough that before you start your building, renovating, decorating or styling project – do your research, find out what you love, and turn your thoughts into tangible images and objects. First on a MOOD BOARD, then a DESIGN BOARD (if building or renovating) and lastly a STYLING BOARD.


A MOOD BOARD is exactly that – it’s imagery and objects that convey the “MOOD” of a space. A DESIGN (or finishes) BOARD shows off the actual finishes and materials that you’ll be fitting out the space with. A STYLING BOARD is the furnishings and accessories. Without these 2 or 3 steps – it’s very likely that your space will end up looking disjointed, unsettling and lacking in harmony.

As soon as new acquaintances learn that I’m an Interior Designer, most often the first thing they say is how frustrated they are at creating their own look and applying this to their home. They don’t know where to start, how to discover their own style and have no idea how to make the style of their home look coordinated and holistic.

I always say to them – do you collect pics of what you love, are you a “pinner” on Pinterest, do you have a design journal where you write down your ideas and stick your pics? Response: No.


I guarantee you that if you do your research, take some time out each week to collect your ideas, start paying attention to what you love and inspires you – YOU WILL DISCOVER YOUR STYLE! As for applying your style to your home, it’s time to learn the PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN – balance, contrast, proportion, texture, and so on.

This is why I teach Classes for homeowners. I LOVE making a difference in people’s lives and homes by educating and empowering them to find their own style and creativity!

Join me in Class and I’ll change the way you look at your home – FOREVER!  SIGN UP RIGHT HERE and let’s finally create the dream home you deserve.

Linda 🙂

How would a Builder build?


We’ve got 2 weeks until DESIGN LIKE A PRO starts – Part 1 of my Interior Design Course.

In the weeks ahead I want to share with you some of the amazing insights our Class will be receiving to help them create a beautiful home and save $$. A home that functions perfectly, makes efficient use of space, connects indoors and outdoors and features the architectural character worthy of your home.

Residential 101 – The Cascade – Aveley Display Village

We’re very fortunate to have GUEST SPEAKER – Andrew Woolley, a Design & Sales Consultant, from Residential 101 joining us in our first class. I’ve asked Andrew to speak to you about “HOW HE WOULD BUILD HIS HOME”. Everyday he helps people customise their floor plans and decide which upgrades to go with – but what would he do?

When a Builder creates a display home, they go to A LOT OF TROUBLE to make it look perfect. There are a multitude of upgrades, pain staking attention to detail, designer selected finishes and perfect styling. Often the house you finally receive at handover is not the house you thought you were buying.

Living Room in The Cascade

So together Andrew and I will be discussing the following:

  • Latest trends in floor plans and how to get the most living space out of small blocks
  • Which upgrades are worth the extra $$
  • Where to spend $$ now and make space for improvements later
  • What scope to leave with the Builder and what items you can save $$ doing yourself
  • The use of focal points and how a little luxe can go a long way
  • How architectural elements make a house a home

So if you’re building, renovating or a Design Lover and just want to learn the foundation principles of good design and planning –SIGN UP (click here) & JOIN US IN CLASS!

Master Bedroom in The Cascade

As I shared with one interested participant, your home is one of, if not the greatest, investment you’ll make in a lifetime. Let’s make sure it’s a smart $$ investment and a beautiful investment!

Next I’ll be talking FANTASTIC FLOOR PLANS and introducing our GUEST SPEAKER ARCHITECT!

See you in Class, Linda 🙂





So my little family and I have been making our way across the USA over the last 3 weeks. We’ve been experiencing nature in all it’s splendor – from the Sierra Nevadas, to the sunburnt canyons of Utah, to the lofty peaks of Colorado and then down south to the sprawling farmland of Texas.  It’s been an amazing trip!

But I have to say… I was in need of some retail therapy so when I arrived in Louisville, Kentucky I hit the malls and outlets. For the next few weeks I’ll be posting regularly the latest designs out of the USA as I make my way across to the East Coast.  Today I found myself in BOHO heaven!!  Indulging myself in Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Arhaus and Z Gallery.  Enjoy this collage of nature and design – I hope it inspires you as Summer draws closer! Linda 🙂





WOW!!  We finished up PLACE CRAFT’S maiden Interior Design Course early September and I’m still recovering.  It was 6 action packed weeks with 40 students across two classes. They were the most wonderful bunch of ladies and you can read their reviews right here .  If you’re interested email me to join the waiting list at linda@placecrafting.com.au. The next round of Classes will begin mid November 2016.



SO.. I’m finally getting into the mood of Spring and lately I’ve been feeling very TERRACOTTA.  I’m also about to embark on a road trip across the South-West USA with stops in Arizona and New Mexico so I plan on hoarding clay treasures as I go!

As both a colour and material TERRACOTTA is showing up in a lot of the latest style forecasts and it’s perfect for warming things up after a cold winter (for those of us in the Southern hemisphere anyway).

Terracotta Colour Scheme.jpg

It’s earthy, textured, natural and very versatile!  In dirty tones it performs well as a neutral backdrop or on the pink side can be very rosey and romantic.  It’s calming in an analogous colour scheme with mustard yellows and olive greens and vibrant in a complimentary scheme with turquoise, navy blues and even purple tones.

TERRACOTTA speaks to the outdoors and is great for indoor plant pots around the house.  It’s perfect with white chalk paint and when teamed with juicy succulents – screams boho desert style!

So enjoy these wonderful snapshots of TERRACOTTA inspiration for your home.  🙂  Linda






Yes even bathrooms have dual functions.  This brings us to #9 of our 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO BE YOUR OWN DESIGNER – THE BATHROOM SHOULD BE YOUR SANCTUARY.  At our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES next week (ooohh so close!!) we’ll be learning how to design BEAUTIFUL BATHROOMS!

Classes #9 ensocialdesignmagazine
The sanctuary (Image Source:  En. SocialDesignMagazine.com)


Gone are the days when we thought of the bathroom as a place we “got in” and “got out of” just to get clean.  Finally us adults have woken up to what our kids have been telling us for years… take your time and don’t rush a good bath!

More and more people are seeking bathroom designs that reflect the relaxed and sumptuous feel of a tropical hotel, a place where you had all the time in the world to relax. Our lives are so busy and the pace so hectic – bathrooms are now where we can tune out the rest of the world in a serene and peaceful place.

Some of the key elements to achieve this resort feel are…

  • Long floating vanities with built in storage exposing seamless floor tiling below
  • BIG rectangular benchtop basins for the grandeur
  • Textured tiles reminiscent of the woven materials in a far away market place
  • Green and lush plants connecting the indoors with the outdoors
  • Ample large scale windows and natural light
  • Large frameless mirrors making the space feel large and open
  • Timber finishes to express a rustic hand-made feel

One of the most important techniques to design a resort style bathroom is to incorporate clever and practical storage that will keep your benchtops clutter free and emphasise the clean lines and luxury of the space.  Join us next week and you will hear from Perth’s top cabinet makers and learn all the insights into BEAUTIFUL BATHROOMS!  Linda

To buy your tickets book here click here.





Next in our TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO BE YOUR OWN INTERIOR DESIGNER is… #8 – KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR KITCHEN A DREAM – to cook and to laugh.  In our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES starting next week (woohoo!) we’ll be speaking with kitchen cabinetmaker extraordinaires to learn this know-how.

Classes #8 Homeditcom.png
More than just cooking (Image Source:  Homeedit.com)

“Our kitchens … need to be the perfect blend of sociability and functionality.”

We all know about the “work triangle” and how it keeps the fridge, oven and sink/dishwasher in easy reach of each other.  But the kitchen is about far more than cooking. It’s the centre of conversation and activity for the most meaningful rituals – starting the day strong, coming home from a busy day to unwind and welcoming loved ones into our homes and lives.

While I’m not about trends, I do love this one and that’s the growing popularity of the island bench.  These are growing in grandeur, function and becoming a piece of furniture for the kitchen.  We see them with storage built in, multi-functional as both a work-bench and a dining table, bench seats running down one side and topped off with feature pendants.  They really are transforming the kitchen into a living and/or dining space and I LOVE IT!

So who knows how they like to cook?  How many people typically join you in the kitchen while you’re whipping up some culinary delight and what do they do?  My 4 y.o. LOVES washing dishes – hope that lasts!  Do you use the kitchen as your semi-office – and what other multi-purpose tasks does it perform?  ONLY YOU KNOW THESE ANSWERS!  See you next week to unravel your home’s stories. Linda




#7 – Colours are a reflection of life…

We’re at #7 and one of the most important reasons of all – UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE COLOUR EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY!  At our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES we’ll be teaching COLOUR THEORY  and the emotions and effects of different colour schemes.

Classes #7 bloglovin.png
Be bold and have fun! (Image Source:  Bloglovin)

I love this quote…

“Like emotions, colours are a reflection of life.” – Janice Glennaway

The way we combine colours has an amazing effect on us and the spaces we create.  We’ll be learning about some key colour schemes…

  • Monochromatic – Tints, tones and shades of one colour
  • Complementary – These colours lie opposite to each other on the colour wheel
  • Analogous – These colours sit next to each other
  • Triad – Any three colours equally spaced on the colour wheel

And then you have your Neutrals which is basically any colour “greyed” out – in Australia we love our whites, creams, browns, blacks and greys.  They make for relaxed and serene interior spaces.

BUT … join us next week, YES NEXT WEEK SO SIGN UP RIGHT NOW, and we’re going to teach you how to BE BOLD AND HAVE FUN WITH COLOUR!

Once you understand COLOUR THEORY you can be your home’s best designer every day of the week!  Linda

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We’re getting close – REAL CLOSE to #10 as we count down all the REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO BE YOUR OWN INTERIOR DESIGNER.  #6 is all about setting the mood with LIGHTING and you’ll learn the principles and just how to create a lighting layout at our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES next week.

Classes #6 Lighting.png

“Good lighting is like a layer of magic dust sprinkled over everything.” Kelly Hoppen

Lighting can make or break a space.  It determines how we read colour.  Light and colour are inextricably linked.  The colour of an object is based upon how it reflects light.

In the past, your typical home had one incandescent globe in the middle of the ceiling to perform the basic function of lighting up a space just enough for us to avoid head on collisions.  Nothing more.

Today, we realise that lighting performs many functions – yes general lighting but also…

  • task lighting
  • accent lighting
  • feature lighting
  • mood lighting.

We have downlights for spot lighting, feature pendants over dining tables and island counters, task lighting over kitchen benches, lamps in cosy corners for reading and concealed lighting for halo effects.

You have the wonderful benefit of living in your home during both day and night hours and you get to experience how natural light from outdoors flows through your home, where are the dark spots in a room that would benefit from a table lamp and where do you perform the key functions that need some additional light shed with task lighting.

Homes function 24 hours and you are the only one who knows your home so intimately. Get to know your home – every little nook and cranny.  Linda

To sign up for our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES starting next week click here.




As I took a break yesterday, you get a double dose today.  In our TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO BE YOUR OWN INTERIOR DESIGNER we’ve reached #5 – AVOID SPLIT PERSONALITIES. At our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES we’ll be teaching you how to maintain a consistent style and story throughout your home.

Classes #5 frenchbydesignblog.png
Spaces should flow (Image Source: French by Design Blog)


“Your home needs an overarching DESIGN STORY – THE CENTRAL PLOT…”

Over the course of our 6 CLASSES you’ll create a Mood Board for a room in your home. Soon you’ll have the know how to create a Mood Board for all your rooms – as every one has a different function and purpose.  But be careful – DON’T CREATE TOO MANY PERSONALITIES.

Your home needs an overarching DESIGN STORY – THE CENTRAL PLOT, from which each room varies slightly with it’s own character and feel, but all are connected with common threads.

A colour scheme can tie a house together expressed in a variety of finishes and materials (see the image above) and the choice of flooring can be very effective in tying rooms together so one space flows to the next.

When you’re designing multiple rooms in your home, create your Mood Boards first and then lay them out next to each other.  Make sure they read together as ONE STRONG DESIGN STORY BUT WITH LAYERS OF DIVERSITY.

Join our Classes by clicking right here.  Linda