Happy Friday Design Lovers!

I’ve finally recovered from my last round of INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES  and I’ll be BLOGGING up a storm again starting with FABRIC FRIDAYS! Every Friday I’ll focus on a particular INTERIOR STYLE and 5 wonderful fabrics to compliment – hero pieces and the support crew! If you’re a past PLACE CRAFT student you’ll know just how much I LOVE fabrics and how important they are to expressing your personal style. So without further ado…

jill morris - my english country house
Image: Jill Morris

This Friday I’m feeling a little English countryside and I’m absolutely loving the “Hodsoll McKenzie – Estate” collection out of London.  So if you’re an “Escape to the Country” fan – then I hope you feel transported!

This is my hero fabric – a soft and humble floral on linen base with muted earthy tones, reminiscent of a sweet country garden. Perfect for a cosy armchair and scatter cushions.

I’m adding in some traditional English tailoring in a cashmere geometric – perfect for a large piece with square profiles like a big ol’ ottoman or formal lounge.

Some pattern and contrast will bring a little sophistication to my provincial cottage – throw cushions, nothing too large, I want to keep it cosy.

I love this wispy textured fabric for throw cushions, it modernises the country style and brings some nature indoors.

And lastly this embroidered accent that reminds me of cobblestones and rock walls of the traditional cottage. This soft sheer-like cotton will make a nice feature at my cottage windows.

Thanks for joining me on my country stroll – now I feel like a holiday!

Have a great weekend!

Linda 🙂

Image:  thisisthefrontier.com




WOW!!  We finished up PLACE CRAFT’S maiden Interior Design Course early September and I’m still recovering.  It was 6 action packed weeks with 40 students across two classes. They were the most wonderful bunch of ladies and you can read their reviews right here .  If you’re interested email me to join the waiting list at linda@placecrafting.com.au. The next round of Classes will begin mid November 2016.



SO.. I’m finally getting into the mood of Spring and lately I’ve been feeling very TERRACOTTA.  I’m also about to embark on a road trip across the South-West USA with stops in Arizona and New Mexico so I plan on hoarding clay treasures as I go!

As both a colour and material TERRACOTTA is showing up in a lot of the latest style forecasts and it’s perfect for warming things up after a cold winter (for those of us in the Southern hemisphere anyway).

Terracotta Colour Scheme.jpg

It’s earthy, textured, natural and very versatile!  In dirty tones it performs well as a neutral backdrop or on the pink side can be very rosey and romantic.  It’s calming in an analogous colour scheme with mustard yellows and olive greens and vibrant in a complimentary scheme with turquoise, navy blues and even purple tones.

TERRACOTTA speaks to the outdoors and is great for indoor plant pots around the house.  It’s perfect with white chalk paint and when teamed with juicy succulents – screams boho desert style!

So enjoy these wonderful snapshots of TERRACOTTA inspiration for your home.  🙂  Linda