Why Settle for Blah?

I was out with a client yesterday for a home renovations job. These are some of the most exciting projects – starting with the dark and forlorn and imagining the beautiful possibilities. Class starts in 3 weeks (woohoo!) and in Part 1 – DESIGN LIKE A PRO we’ll be learning how to make the most out of your renovations. Psst – Stay tuned tonight – I start counting down the TOP 10 reasons WHY YOU MUST JOIN US IN CLASS!

So I’ve featured my TOP 5 BEFORE & AFTER renovations I found online. Take a fresh look at your home and IMAGINE WHAT COULD BE!

#5 RETRO KITCHEN – (Pic – Inside Out Magazine)

#5 – Retro Makeover – great demonstration of how you can only have so many “heroes” in one room! Where do you look first? This remodel kept the retro wallpaper, and by streamlining and whiting out the cabinetry and adjacent wall, made it the focal point of the room.

#4 – COUNTRY KITCHEN MAKEOVER (Pic – Apartment Therapy)

#4 – Country Kitchen Makeover – Look what a fresh coat of white paint can do – on both cabinetry and brick face walls? This dark &and tired country style kitchen has been completely transformed into a light and bright space, and the butchers block and timber floor provide some country contrast.

#3 – Shabby Chic Makeover (Pic – Country Living)

#3 Shabby Chick Makeover – This makeover reverses the contrast, and keeps the rich dark timber on the floor and benchtops and lightens the room up by painting the existing cupboards white.  This has an amazing effect of increasing the perceived room height. Less is often more and a little contrast can look so very smart!

#2 – Coastal Kitchen Makeover (Pic – Better Homes & Garden)

#2 – Coastal Kitchen Makeover – Timber kitchens can make a space so dark, and while cosy they close a space in. Another fresh coat of white paint, white subway splashback tiles, and a blue accent on the focal point island counter makes the entire space worthy of a coastal setting.

#1 – French Provincial Kitchen Makeover (Pic – Better Homes & Gardens)


#1 – French Provincial Kitchen Makeover – This existing kitchen wasn’t an eyesore, but it was nothing to write home about. They’ve reversed the colour scheme and added some real depth to the space with warm grey cupboards and glossy splashback tiled walls. All up to the ceiling lifting the perceived ceiling height. The subway tiles, timber floor and shadowlines on the cabinetry (emphasised by the darker grey paint) add so much texture and sophistication.

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Linda 🙂