Happy Friday Design Lovers!

I’ve finally recovered from my last round of INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES  and I’ll be BLOGGING up a storm again starting with FABRIC FRIDAYS! Every Friday I’ll focus on a particular INTERIOR STYLE and 5 wonderful fabrics to compliment – hero pieces and the support crew! If you’re a past PLACE CRAFT student you’ll know just how much I LOVE fabrics and how important they are to expressing your personal style. So without further ado…

jill morris - my english country house
Image: Jill Morris

This Friday I’m feeling a little English countryside and I’m absolutely loving the “Hodsoll McKenzie – Estate” collection out of London.  So if you’re an “Escape to the Country” fan – then I hope you feel transported!

This is my hero fabric – a soft and humble floral on linen base with muted earthy tones, reminiscent of a sweet country garden. Perfect for a cosy armchair and scatter cushions.

I’m adding in some traditional English tailoring in a cashmere geometric – perfect for a large piece with square profiles like a big ol’ ottoman or formal lounge.

Some pattern and contrast will bring a little sophistication to my provincial cottage – throw cushions, nothing too large, I want to keep it cosy.

I love this wispy textured fabric for throw cushions, it modernises the country style and brings some nature indoors.

And lastly this embroidered accent that reminds me of cobblestones and rock walls of the traditional cottage. This soft sheer-like cotton will make a nice feature at my cottage windows.

Thanks for joining me on my country stroll – now I feel like a holiday!

Have a great weekend!

Linda 🙂

Image:  thisisthefrontier.com



Collect Your Thoughts First!

Last time I wrote, we were gearing up for INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES. Then we postponed – too close to kids going back to school – but now we’re back on track! PART 1 – DESIGN LIKE A PRO starts February 28th with PART 2 – STYLE LIKE A DIVA starting 3 weeks later. Grab your tickets right here at www.placecrafting.com.au/design-classes.html

So today I want to talk to you about COLLECTING YOUR THOUGHTS. I can’t stress enough that before you start your building, renovating, decorating or styling project – do your research, find out what you love, and turn your thoughts into tangible images and objects. First on a MOOD BOARD, then a DESIGN BOARD (if building or renovating) and lastly a STYLING BOARD.


A MOOD BOARD is exactly that – it’s imagery and objects that convey the “MOOD” of a space. A DESIGN (or finishes) BOARD shows off the actual finishes and materials that you’ll be fitting out the space with. A STYLING BOARD is the furnishings and accessories. Without these 2 or 3 steps – it’s very likely that your space will end up looking disjointed, unsettling and lacking in harmony.

As soon as new acquaintances learn that I’m an Interior Designer, most often the first thing they say is how frustrated they are at creating their own look and applying this to their home. They don’t know where to start, how to discover their own style and have no idea how to make the style of their home look coordinated and holistic.

I always say to them – do you collect pics of what you love, are you a “pinner” on Pinterest, do you have a design journal where you write down your ideas and stick your pics? Response: No.


I guarantee you that if you do your research, take some time out each week to collect your ideas, start paying attention to what you love and inspires you – YOU WILL DISCOVER YOUR STYLE! As for applying your style to your home, it’s time to learn the PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN – balance, contrast, proportion, texture, and so on.

This is why I teach Classes for homeowners. I LOVE making a difference in people’s lives and homes by educating and empowering them to find their own style and creativity!

Join me in Class and I’ll change the way you look at your home – FOREVER!  SIGN UP RIGHT HERE and let’s finally create the dream home you deserve.

Linda 🙂