#9 – Plan Ahead and Save $$

As we count down our TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO BE JOINING US IN CLASS this May, we come to #9 – PLAN AHEAD AND SAVE $$ – and plenty of them!


“…each decision will affect the others and none should be made in isolation.”

In our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES we’ll be talking plenty about PLANNING WITH THE END IN MIND! There’s two ways we can plan ahead and save – 1. ESTABLISH A BUDGET EARLY ON AND STICK TO IT, and 2. MAKE EVERY DECISION IN CONTEXT!

I have many clients who come to me stressed out exhausted because their builder is bombarding them with questions and they’re making decisions on the run.

  • What floor tile are you using?
  • What finish are your cabinets going to be?
  • What colour are your cabinets going to be?
  • What type of stone do you want for your benchtop?

The questions never end and the builder wants your answers now!

The scary thing is each decision will affect the others and none should be made in isolation.  You need a BIG PICTURE … but you really needed it before you started the project.

So first things first… we’re going to teach you about BUDGETING AHEAD and getting a good understanding of what level of finish you can expect for your home based on that budget. Secondly, you’ll learn how to create that BIG PICTURE DESIGN CONCEPT so that when your builder asks the tough questions – YOU’RE READY!

Sign up for our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES here or follow this link www.placecrafting.com.au/design-classes.html– you’ll be so glad you did!

Hope to see you in May, Linda 🙂

How would a Builder build?


We’ve got 2 weeks until DESIGN LIKE A PRO starts – Part 1 of my Interior Design Course.

In the weeks ahead I want to share with you some of the amazing insights our Class will be receiving to help them create a beautiful home and save $$. A home that functions perfectly, makes efficient use of space, connects indoors and outdoors and features the architectural character worthy of your home.

Residential 101 – The Cascade – Aveley Display Village

We’re very fortunate to have GUEST SPEAKER – Andrew Woolley, a Design & Sales Consultant, from Residential 101 joining us in our first class. I’ve asked Andrew to speak to you about “HOW HE WOULD BUILD HIS HOME”. Everyday he helps people customise their floor plans and decide which upgrades to go with – but what would he do?

When a Builder creates a display home, they go to A LOT OF TROUBLE to make it look perfect. There are a multitude of upgrades, pain staking attention to detail, designer selected finishes and perfect styling. Often the house you finally receive at handover is not the house you thought you were buying.

Living Room in The Cascade

So together Andrew and I will be discussing the following:

  • Latest trends in floor plans and how to get the most living space out of small blocks
  • Which upgrades are worth the extra $$
  • Where to spend $$ now and make space for improvements later
  • What scope to leave with the Builder and what items you can save $$ doing yourself
  • The use of focal points and how a little luxe can go a long way
  • How architectural elements make a house a home

So if you’re building, renovating or a Design Lover and just want to learn the foundation principles of good design and planning –SIGN UP (click here) & JOIN US IN CLASS!

Master Bedroom in The Cascade

As I shared with one interested participant, your home is one of, if not the greatest, investment you’ll make in a lifetime. Let’s make sure it’s a smart $$ investment and a beautiful investment!

Next I’ll be talking FANTASTIC FLOOR PLANS and introducing our GUEST SPEAKER ARCHITECT!

See you in Class, Linda 🙂