#7 – Colours are a Reflection of Life!

We’re at #7 and one of the most important reasons of all – UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE COLOUR EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY!  At our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES we’ll be teaching COLOUR THEORY  and the emotions and effects of different colour schemes.

Classes #7 bloglovin.pngBe bold and have fun! (Image Source:  Bloglovin)

I love this quote…

“Like emotions, colours are a reflection of life.” – Janice Glennaway

The way we combine colours has an amazing effect on us and the spaces we create.  We’ll be learning about some key colour schemes…

  • Monochromatic – Tints, tones and shades of one colour
  • Complementary – These colours lie opposite to each other on the colour wheel
  • Analogous – These colours sit next to each other
  • Triad – Any three colours equally spaced on the colour wheel

And then you have your Neutrals which is basically any colour “greyed” out – in Australia we love our whites, creams, browns, blacks and greys.  They make for relaxed and serene interior spaces.

So join us in March and we’re going to teach you how to BE BOLD AND HAVE FUN WITH COLOUR! Once you understand COLOUR THEORY you can be your home’s best designer every day of the week!  Linda

Sign up for INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES right here.

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