Yes even bathrooms have dual functions.  This brings us to #9 of our 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO BE YOUR OWN DESIGNER – THE BATHROOM SHOULD BE YOUR SANCTUARY.  At our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES next week (ooohh so close!!) we’ll be learning how to design BEAUTIFUL BATHROOMS!

Classes #9 ensocialdesignmagazine
The sanctuary (Image Source:  En. SocialDesignMagazine.com)


Gone are the days when we thought of the bathroom as a place we “got in” and “got out of” just to get clean.  Finally us adults have woken up to what our kids have been telling us for years… take your time and don’t rush a good bath!

More and more people are seeking bathroom designs that reflect the relaxed and sumptuous feel of a tropical hotel, a place where you had all the time in the world to relax. Our lives are so busy and the pace so hectic – bathrooms are now where we can tune out the rest of the world in a serene and peaceful place.

Some of the key elements to achieve this resort feel are…

  • Long floating vanities with built in storage exposing seamless floor tiling below
  • BIG rectangular benchtop basins for the grandeur
  • Textured tiles reminiscent of the woven materials in a far away market place
  • Green and lush plants connecting the indoors with the outdoors
  • Ample large scale windows and natural light
  • Large frameless mirrors making the space feel large and open
  • Timber finishes to express a rustic hand-made feel

One of the most important techniques to design a resort style bathroom is to incorporate clever and practical storage that will keep your benchtops clutter free and emphasise the clean lines and luxury of the space.  Join us next week and you will hear from Perth’s top cabinet makers and learn all the insights into BEAUTIFUL BATHROOMS!  Linda

To buy your tickets book here click here.




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