As I took a break yesterday, you get a double dose today.  In our TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO BE YOUR OWN INTERIOR DESIGNER we’ve reached #5 – AVOID SPLIT PERSONALITIES. At our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES we’ll be teaching you how to maintain a consistent style and story throughout your home.

Classes #5 frenchbydesignblog.png
Spaces should flow (Image Source: French by Design Blog)


“Your home needs an overarching DESIGN STORY – THE CENTRAL PLOT…”

Over the course of our 6 CLASSES you’ll create a Mood Board for a room in your home. Soon you’ll have the know how to create a Mood Board for all your rooms – as every one has a different function and purpose.  But be careful – DON’T CREATE TOO MANY PERSONALITIES.

Your home needs an overarching DESIGN STORY – THE CENTRAL PLOT, from which each room varies slightly with it’s own character and feel, but all are connected with common threads.

A colour scheme can tie a house together expressed in a variety of finishes and materials (see the image above) and the choice of flooring can be very effective in tying rooms together so one space flows to the next.

When you’re designing multiple rooms in your home, create your Mood Boards first and then lay them out next to each other.  Make sure they read together as ONE STRONG DESIGN STORY BUT WITH LAYERS OF DIVERSITY.

Join our Classes by clicking right here.  Linda





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