#2 – Tell your own DESIGN STORY

Our homes are an extension of who we are.

We’re going through our Top 10 of REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO BE YOUR OWN INTERIOR DESIGNER.  That’s exactly what I’ll be teaching at my INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES starting 1st week of August in beautiful Guildford.  Now let’s get to it…

Classes #2 iheartnaptime.png
Your personal story (Image Source:  iheartnaptime.net)

When we welcome people into our homes we are welcoming them into our lives and they are getting a glimpse of who we are as people – especially the individual making most of the design choices for the home.

Now before we start dressing up our homes to look like the latest style trend – the Hamptons, Scandinavian, Mid-Century, French Provincial – we need to develop our own PERSONAL DESIGN STORY.  So don’t open the design mags or jump on HOUZZ just yet. Take a moment to get personal… real personal.  You’ll be amazed at what you find.


Start with these questions to get you going on your personal design journey…

  1. What is your personal story?  Look back on your life and consider what’s really important to you that may have influenced your personal style.  Find old photos that capture special memories or find pics in magazines that convey your ideas.  Jot down key words.
  2. Go on a tour of your favourite local places – shops, cafes, galleries – and take along a notebook to capture your thoughts while you snap pics along the way.
  3. What are your keepsake treasures – from your travels, holidays, events, books you’ve read – what appeals to you that’s timeless and will always have a place in your heart. Take pics of the big items and gather together the small.
  4. Cut out images when you fall in love with the colour palettes.

Now bring these images and objects together to create a collage, snap a pic, and write a paragraph or two that sums up you as a person and your personal style.  This will be your foundation as you now begin to look at different design styles, and yes jump on HOUZZ!  But remember…


You can learn more about our INTERIOR DESIGN CLASSES right here.




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